Hidden Gem – The Only Life that Matters is Spiritual Life.

Where you all are is that you are giving life. You are giving life. And the only life that matters is Spiritual life. Spirit is the only immaterial that matters in material. Spirit is potential, Spirit is space, Spirit is Love and ultimately it is
light, because from darkness the light has to evolve. In the beginning there was the word. You see, the word came from thought, the thought came from concept. So, in the darkness you had first spark and the word was expressed and having been expressed was like a sprinkle of stardust in the void that settled into form which were your shapes and from your shapes came your symbols and from your symbols came a mathematical formula, a mathematical formula is the bases of all Life. There is DNA, where it is DNA of ideas, everything requires a gestation period, everything requires a birthing period, this is your stardust. Your light forms, where you watch things
happen in your night sky another soul is born, settles into shape and that shape is moulded through higher thought and concepts that become words to be expressed and therefore to create your experiences, where you are now have used the 80/20 formula, where it was 80% struggle and 20% joy, where you are at now is 80% joy, treasure, love, understanding, tolerance, respect and 20% if that, pain because you have been through it and recognise no further purpose to struggle, so you are standing in your own star shower.Each star in your star shower is a crystal, a crystal is the beginning of the crystalline concept. he construct of form. Crystal energy is very pure, very clear.
So, we are saying now as you look forward into your next cycle, which crystalline structure as you are now moving the eyes, the spiritual eye which is now training, which one do you choose to step into as that crystalline structure then becomes the beginning of form, for your own personal next cycle. Crystalline, very see… its very simple.

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