Hidden Gem – Challenge is a Part of Life

All of you have been challenged and all of you have risen up to, the challenge and now you recognise that you will always be challenged. Your response to yourself is to be two-fold, one to ask yourself, do I feel like engaging and second question is, what would love do now, because it is connected to the first. If a situation is ongoing and if you continue to feed into it with whatever you are out of love and integrity with yourself.

This is a choice point to make. Why would you continue to feed into someone else inequity? Of their own games where they are the star and also the judge, the jury and the executioner, whether it is a comedy, tragedy or a romance, it doesn’t much matter, it continues to be their own movie, it goes on in their head and if you continue to feed into it , you continue to feed into their ego’s, need to create something substantial where in effect you know in the spiritual heart and the spiritual mind does not exist and if you feed into it you are feeding into the material substance that is like putting heroine into your vein direct. That in the past many of the situations that you were given, the exercises that you did your spiritual practice was to stop
you mainlining these drugs of choice that create the illusionary factor and secondly to manage yourself out of the addiction process.

You have all come out clean and you are in clarity, so when you look back at these other addicts it looks like you are outing elastic on your arm and mainlining the drug of choice again, whether it is the LSD, the heroine or the morphine whatever dulls the pain, they are all exactly the same at dulling the mind. You, all of you now have become adept at moving between the lower mind and the higher mind, sometimes it takes a little more breath and focus, but most of the time you flip very quickly.
Intuition works all the time.

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