The Nazareine Speaks at Equinox 2019. Open Doors, Closed Minds. No More Feeding into the Illusions of Life (That Do Not Work).

Equinox is the time of balance in time, where night and day hours are equal. In life too we are asked to look within, to seek balance so that contextual experience is seeing in a neutral way, a much more space-engendered expression of Life that leads you to joy.

The Nazareine in His Solstice 2019 conversation with you, his Circle is an interesting look at what-is illusion, how it is an addiction for some to feed into, perpetuating the “white noise” (of blah-blah) around your world). And what you can do about stepping out of it, connect more to divine right order action, to actually be the change, as opposed to adding to said noise by only demanding it from others.

And of course, so many more layers there for you. Enjoy!

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