You Are Already Everything.

Here’s something to consider as you go through Life.

That you are already everything there is.

You are already Love, in motion. Peace. Joy.

How does that sound?

And so is everyone else, whoever they are, whatever they are.

You are all already everything.

It’s just a matter of acceptance.

You all have childhoods. Memories. Hopes. Dreams. Fears too.

We are all human.

Your memories shape who you are today.

If you’re able to accept all of them as being relevant – and have value to your Life Journey – you develop an inner strength.

Because nothing can then hurt you long term.

Hurt people hurt people, it’s as simple as that.

Yet deep inside, everyone wishes – some demand – to be loved.

It’s your ability to be love, and in so being, to share this, that determines how you’re remembered.

You know, you can still love someone and keep them out of your life. Or at a distance. No-one said that to be Love you have to keep giving.

In the same principle that you don’t stick your head under the hammer twice, a boundary crossed can be irreversible. And yet you keep moving forward without feeling victimised by that one. Or anyone at all.

They then have to come around to your position.

Or not.

That is also fine.

This is strength. Strength of the heart. To be able to keep your own forward momentum irrespective of what others might be doing or saying about you (or anyone else). Merely by listening to your Inner Wisdom.

You remain in self-love, then. The most powerful space of all, because there are no stories around this. No role playing.

You remain, simply and authentically, True to Self.

And therefore at peace with All That Is.

See how you go with this.

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