Hidden Gem – Stand in The Light of All That Is.

You do your service in a different way now by being Present. You have achieved service of the heart and you have become one with the service and in being one with the service it is not at all about the doing, it is about being
and being Present and making minor alignments. No more tendencies to carry others over with you, that was the old energy. Where do you stand in the light of this, where do you stand in the light of yourself and most prominently stand in the light of All That Is. That everything has become, it already has become your Joy. It is time for all of you to start really enjoying what you have created and to be honest with you, if you are Present or not in what you have created all the time does not really matter, because you have put enough of the energy in that it basically runs by itself, whatever it is and for you to continue to be there, wherever, and to not allow the people around you to keep it going… whatever… however… you are actually standing in the way of their truth.

They grow without you as you have set the foundational energy for the situation, first chakra, you have created multiple relationships that run and anchor the foundational structure of whatever it is you have built for yourself, second chakra, interwoven. You are Present with an eye, third chakra, sheer Will, that always remains Present. The Will is the glue to keep it all together. It is done with a compassionate heart to yourself because it is time to release some of the pressure, some of the whatever placed upon yourself, even having fun ultimately places pressure upon yourself, because the mind starts playing games, I have been having fun up until now, when will it stop…. blah, blah blah. Then it becomes the game.

The heart, as long as you love what you do, you do what you love.

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