Hidden Gem – Moment by Moment

Ones continue to breathe small, when they breathe small, they continue to think small. The situation is now that you no longer allow it to be, not because you impose yourself but because you see very clearly nd by your compassionate view, your compassionate looking, you will know that if they are playing illusionary games of smallness, they better not play it when you are in the room, in other words, they do not play it in your presence and so honesty becomes the truth of everyone and everyone around you that is in the same matrix is now compelled by the very energy of truth to be truthful and you do make mistakes, make no question about that, you all make mistakes, but now rather than allow the mistake to define you, you only allow yourself to define yourself.

Each one in every single moment of your being is aware that you are evolving every single moment of the day. So you do not get lost or stuck on a matter of principle or not in the dream world of one moment because you know that moment has passed and you move on which means that your soul rather than being fixated has now become rather more fluid and as soul becomes rather more fluid, personality is able to let go of ancient stuff and we can guarantee that when you cast your eye back to this year where the greatest amount of growth has occurred and sustained to the year before that when we asked the Channel to set up this and some of the other Circles.

If you look at where you are now and you cast your eye back to last year, you will see an enormous difference in the awareness, not just because of the awareness because you always knew at heart who you were being, but it is now the desire to do something to compel that awareness to match more in line with the soul energy and the words are coming easier. Vulnerability remains, of course, it will because you are sensitive, you are sensitive and you are all empaths, the difference now is that the sensitivity, the empathy you have for others is clearly defined between your space and their space and a desired decision to move into their space or to move them into your space or not is something that is quite deliberate situation because in your heart you know whether you desire to have your space or not and therefore your space remains clear and it remains clear clarity of what you will or will not allow in, is what is needed to bridge you between this and the other situations moving into the new energy that is settling upon your earth, you have the next two month period quite a lot of chaos because there are those who remain grounded in the old energy and will fight to let it go.

You are seeing this in lots of different situations and you are seeing also many who are silent that will remain silent because they will recognise just as you do that there is no point in bringing the burning cross and getting yourself cut down for it, very few of you know are stuck into the human hero story recognising that when there is work to be done, you just get and do it as there is work there to be done.

You felt, you moved, it was deliberate, very precise movements. You felt what was needed to complete the inner call to do and then you just moved on to the next situation so… no need for grandeur, no need to be seen.

You know who you are, your Circle knows who you are.

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