Hidden Gem – Look Forward Towards the Horizon

You just get on with the situation of making a difference to other people’s lives doing many different movements of kindness because it is who you be and not what you do and most of all by your energetic embrace, you, all of you have become role models for those others who remain caught in their illusion of mind games, they are all mind games that take up space, all rubbish. When you see the delusion and neurosis that others live, then you can now say to yourself, this is now where I use to be and I have worked through my desires, some of you for many years, to pull myself up, pull myself out of that hole and having pulled myself out of that hole and showered off the ordure, I recognise that others still have the belief that they cannot do the same for themselves. So, the next part of the movement which will be about three months of your time is for you to desire, to look at whatever you desire for yourself is how present you wish to be in other people’s excrement. You see so clearly, and it is very tiring.

Many of you are now looking, the horizon is now where you have reached, previously it was the horizon and previously the horizon was just the dawn breaking and your heart had that inner yearning to go there, forward to that horizon and you now find, goodness gracious, you are there. After all, you have reached the horizon and in front of you is a massive vista, which is a view of many things now for you to enjoy.

Do you move forward strongly into new experiences or do you still look back and see who you can bring with you, now you are at a choice point, knowing there are no such things as human heroes, knowing that you now have a choice and knowing that, no choice is wrong.
Choice is just choice.

We ask you in this moment of blessed community, where you all stand fundamentally in the light of who you be, none of you wearing any masks, none of you wearing any fancy clothes to make you seem something that people can recognise. You are all standing not quite naked.

All quite joyful as One.
You choose where you are headed.

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