Hidden Gem – Creating Structure That Works for You.

For many of you the earth cycle of the solar year that is half connected to the lunar year has been something which has caused you to know yourself much more in terms of the indefinite situation of all your lives. All of you, without exception, has asserted most definitively your position and created a stamp of fortune upon your own physical environment, you have taken what has not worked for you and you have created it into a structure, a matrix of that which does not just work for you, it is a matrix that encompasses and leads others, it is in fact leadership from the centre.

We have over the years worked with many of you, watched you grow, in fact we have worked with all of you. We have watched you grow, we have watched you fall down, most of this time you have tripped up with uncertainty and whereas in the past the uncertainty has tripped you up because you blamed yourself. Now, you pick yourself up and you say to yourself, each other and also to us, which is the great part of a spiritual conversation is three aspects, you, the other and Spirit.

You say to us, well that didn’t work, let us try something else, because the mind has expanded and you no longer see yourselves as being small and this is a very great thing because as you are starting to see yourselves rather more bigly, you are starting to see the effects of your judiciousness by an ongoing conversation with Spirit upon those around you that cannot and do not, cannot and some will not use such a tool to their own benefit.

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