A Moment with Anna – Life is A Journey.

Life’s journey is never easy. it’s never intended to be. Ease is always most appreciated when seen through the context of challenge. If you did not have this balance, you might well be putting ease into a very different category indeed. Simple aspects of the Cycle of Life, both. The very essence of this work is for you to BE in your own space, to have reclaimed it, to explore it, to realise it and thence to apply it. To determine what comes into you, or not. To lose all fear of expressing yourself from it. And from here, to multiple it, grow and share it – if the latter is what internally you feel called to do. For you to be in space, here, now the most important aspect of awareness to consider is balance.

Where are you balanced, where are you otherwise?
Balance shifts in every moment purely because each moment is different, stand alone, and defined within itself.


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