Q&A – You mentioned the importance of immersing in fun, sometimes there is a duty that one needs to perform because of illness or certain unprecedented pain, what would be your suggestion about being light-hearted and practicing fun in this situation?

When you are walking or supporting or partnering someone in immense pain, they are struggling to see the message and it does not matter how connected to Spirit they are, the pain fills all of the physicality that is also the mind and the emotions so the paramount obligation to the Self is to release the pain. When there is inner struggle, the pain is amplified as the body locks and it is in high stress and the more the body locks the worse the pain. For many people specific breathing exercises, if done regularly, with an understanding and acceptance that they work will alleviate at least 80 to 90% of the pain.
Most people do not believe in the power of the body to transcend and supersede pain and therefore they are immersed in it and seeking chemical compounds to assist but there comes a threshold within the body and this is the mind, as you know, that the chemical compounds no longer work, and this is a threshold that is part of the mind and the body, the mind that is the body and the body that comes from the mind and so it does not matter how much or how many pain killers or how high the dosage is given, it is not going to work because the mind has locked it out and the body cannot absorb it.
It is in this state of being, the mediation, the pranayama, the breathing, the different yoga practices are the ones that will bring mind and body together. And at the same time when the mind is in pain, it is extremely difficult to have such a situation and so your partnering of the other is to assist them to come to relief because of their belief and assist them to do some breathing, five minutes each day together, and some of the hands on, with the hands on you are actually working directly with Spiritual energy.
You are giving them Peace. You are giving them Hope and you are giving them nurture despite what the Doctors are saying. It works you see?
You have to believe in your powers of healing enough that you assist one to alleviate pain whilst supporting their physical journey, and it is not easy when it is somebody that we love.

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