Q&A – What impact does social media have on our life?

Social media creates the self-doubt. You doubt yourself and this creates a tidal wave of emotion. This is what your social media networks do. It triggers the emotions so that emotionally, you are going to do  things, some people eat, some people like, some people click comments or whatever, but you do it whilst you are in the emotion and it has become for many an emotional rollercoaster and many have become addicted to it.

Be aware, not just to social media but where you have become addicted. When you are addicted you are looking for something to give you comfort, whatever it is, some is wine, some is food, some is sweets, some is shopping, some is arguing, some is whatever. Be aware that you are being twisted and triggered by those who do not have your best interests at heart, when you are awake and you are aware of the emotions being triggered and you are able to sit in them and to evolve them and to dissipate them into nothing, you have become once again master of your universe. You are master of your universe and your journey continues. The journey continues according to your own agenda for yourself.

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