Q&A – What can I do to be the light for myself?

What are you not doing that you need to do is the answer? Or more specifically what are you doing for others that is taking up all your time and inner space. And the simple answer to that is everything. You see? You need time and you need space to release that which was, to release specifically other people’s action and choices. To acknowledge and accept that you did not just enough, but more than enough.  choices were made, support was given, insights were shared, they were accepted or denied according to the others free will and now energy has been smashed in a matrix, broken now as was intended by free will, everyone kept their own space and now it is time to move on. This is your answer to ponder. The responsibility now must be towards yourself, after a period of intense action as many of you had now comes a period of repose. Necessary for the balance.

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