Hidden Gem – Sharing Wisdom… Yours!

It’s the seeking of adulthood and doing the right thing that everyone gets their knickers in a twist. How many leaders are you seeing that are being adult at the moment? Not so many, they are just all children, they are completely lost and are doing what they have been taught to do, defending their own space. Look at them, all of them. They are either the suppressor, the oppressor or the ones who are holding borders which is just another word for boundaries. Some of them are doing it in an underhanded way, who wants to be an adult in such a situation, as adults, quite a lot of what is done, is done privately and, in the shadows, and it is you, the children of the light who are stepping forward in order to clean up. Unless such energy is contained it has a habit of running amuck, which is where you see this generation, here they have open hearts and a very strong sense of right and wrong, all of this life lived visible to the cameras is the dark side.

It is all of you who have been through these situations, many of you have lots of life experiences, many of you have children of your own who are on the verge of adulthood or who are in adulthood. You see very clearly and watch with wisdom eyes and you are deciding with your wisdom voice when to share and when not to share and when also to bring down the hand of justice to hold them in line with the energy that you know is obvious in terms of moving forward in a structured way, you know both the benefit of structure and non-structure. The world needs light, the world needs wisdom. You, all of you carry this wisdom. Use it now to have fun. Everyone loves a good party. See the world in its chaos has gone out of line and it has become deceitful as they are finding words to describe experiences, that are they to hide the truth of all that is. You see clearly all of you, you are men and women of Spirit, you speak directly with Spirit and you are told how you get your messages through, ask for the lightest way possible and your journey then will become speedier and easier. The responsibilities are ultimately that of awareness and the desire not to just do the right thing for anyone but the desire to live the wisdom way. The first impact of the wisdom way is to keep your connection with Spirit open by practice by meditation however each one chooses, some of you talk to Nature, some of you meditate, some of you go for walks on your own, some of you… whatever. Keep each day time for yourself, to be told, this is very important. You see?
Play happens because you are making a life, you are not making a living. There is a difference. The life is your living and Spirit, we support all this, it is only those who turn away from the truth of Spirit that live the ego that you see this darkness arise time and time again.

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