Hidden Gem – Find Fun in Each Moment

If you were to require others to bend to your will, that is good and proper on one level but on another level, you become enmeshed with them and you carry them within you and your life becomes diminished because of it.
You see?

Now is the time to let all of them go with Love, because all of you are light bound, duty bound to enjoy your life first and many of you have been starting to see your successes. We are delighted because this means finally the gap between your vision and the creativity, the materiality of your creativity has started to be bridged and the more you focus on the bridge, which is the journey, the more you focus on having FUN and FUN is a word that for many of you has not occurred for a very long time. Only in bits here and there and so what we would recommend to you is to ask yourself the question, every morning when you do your daily meditations, how can I have more FUN today, how can I enjoy today more? The more you do it, the more it becomes natural and the less serious you become and the less serious you become the more people will look towards you because you are having a good time all the time pretty much.

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