A Moment with Anna. Spirit Is Life.

Each person comes to Spirituality for different reasons. With some it is because life as you’ve been taught doesn’t work well, with others it’s seeking resolution, mostly of conflict or pain. With others, it’s to find your voice, your vision and with all of you it’s to connect with a structure that works, makes you happy more often than not, brings you peace and gives you all the answers. From within. Inner resonance is the only truth. All different, all wonderful, all individuated to you. Beautiful too, as Spirit embraces the infinite, the eternal, and any, everything in between, experience expressed by each Soul and breathed back in again to grow in a forever evolution to, from and within Source. The more you study life, the more you come to understand Spirit, the more you expand yourself, and more importantly, the more you become able to think for yourself, with your intuition. Used and practiced regularly, you get to see clarity in chaos, determine what-is, and start living life to the full. What draws you to Spirit? Spirituality? What is it that you find interesting, even fascinating?

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