The Nazareine Speaks. Living Freedom in a Life Full of Love. Solstice. Dec 2018

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.

When you are in the state of Love, that is Unconditional, there is no space for fear, that plays tricks with your mind and creates scenarios that that not only rot only totally unrelated to What-Is, they are fantasies that place you into the realm of often award-winning soap operas.

Here The Nazareine Speaks on the different stages of Unconditionality, that have brought you now to this State of Grace. “Spirit is the only immaterial that matters in the material,” He said. “it is space, it is Love, it is Light and ultimately in the Darkness the Light has to evolve. In the Beginning there was the Word….. and the Word was expressed. And the Word was [in the Darkness] like a sprinkling of stardust in the Void that settled into form, that were your shapes. From your shapes came your symbols, and from these came your mathemathical formual that is the basis of all Life. The DNA of all Life”.

You stardust is your birthing field from which your experience is moulded, through higher thought. Where you are now has moved from mostly struggle now to mostly joy. Treasure. Understanding. You’ve been through pain, recognise it for what it was, and have moved mostly through it, and now see that there is no further purpose to struggle. “You are now standing in your own star shower,” He said. “Each is a crystal, the beginning of the crystalline construct of form. Crystal energy so pure, now you look forward into your cycle, which crystalline structure do you choose to step into that becomes form for you to step into? Crystalline.”

Please listen here to The Nazareine in Truth about closing off this old cycle and stepping into the new, as the Light you were born from, and to Be.


Assignment >> What is the sense that is coming to you as you listen to His teaching here? What does your own Guidance say to you, individually? Of form and light? Of space and sound? How does it all feel, together, to you?

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