Study Group. Exploring the Finer Tenets of Love and Trust.

Thank you everyone for a tremendous study group, where your sharing was resonant in answer to a set of questions that included primarily these >>

  1. What does leadership of the heart look like? Feel like? To you.
  2. How has been the balance of your giving and receiving? And,
  3. Where and how have you felt Love? Do healing meditation here.

Last but not least, it was terrific to hear  how you all plan to have fun!

Resetting the DNA of your life now to meet this new cycle. Of direct experience of your I AM awareness.

I Am That I Am, I Am All That Is.

And so it is.

Please listen to this lesson recording to remember, connect and smile again at this, The Nazareine’s Wisdom Circle made up by amazing people all of you who have chosen to live in Love and together do your part to shift current awareness back into the One. Unity, Love, Life, equality and sunny smiles all round.

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