Set of Three Meditations to Realign to Inner Peace. Online Community Gathering.

Lots of transitions at the moment, an interesting sequencing of events at many different levels.

What did this year mean to YOU? – Was it astonishing ? Remarkable? In what way?

Did your experiences awaken something within you? A sense of inner knowing? Ownership of some sort, perhaps.

Community Circle practices are always very powerful, because you’re magnifying intent here, and each of you feeds into the core of this Circle, which is Love, and each of you take back this part of the love too, to use for your own individuation.

Here you stilled your mind to create a different balance in your thought process. Went into the stuckness that you felt within any part of your body, inhibiting energy of any sort to travel freely between the different material layers.

You turn your attention into the light that arises, and see within the major karma that you cleared this past period. Focusing on the joy that you created, you breathed life into your Inspiration, so that this becomes this most precious part of your journey now moving forward.

In this space, Spirit speaks to you very clearly, and you flag this and your response.

Feel the joy of new birth.

You know now that in this lifetime, now, you can be anything you want. Do anything you want too.

This is the freedom of conscious choice.

From here you journey on.

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