Q&A – How do I know what is working for me and what is not working for me?

Spirit is about seeing what is. What is, is what is in front of you and based on this what is you make an evaluation, is this giving me joy? Is this working for me? The answer to this is a very simple yes or no. If it is giving you joy, you continue on your progress, if it is not working for you, sit down and ask yourself a question, why is it not working for me?

From that you evaluate your response to that current step and that is all it is. And yet most people have built around them an extremely complex structure of spirit that no longer works in terms of simplicity,  because trying to do every and all things spiritual, you have taken yourselves out of the present moment and you have taken yourselves out of your natural flow of life. It is the beginnings of the kindness to yourself, to say to yourself a very simple description of life. This is who I am. This is what I what and this is how I am going to get it, in the light of all that is, in the light of my freedom to express myself recognising the role of the ego in terms of the defensive mechanism, recognising the belief of the ego that one has to be kind to those who are not kind to us. I sit, I watch, and I evaluate because the one thing many people forget is the first point of reference is that to give the love you have to feel the love.

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