Practice. Truth is the Beginning and End of Everything.

Listen to this multi-layered teaching taking from Anna’s monthly Sacred Woman Moon gatherings to hear how, as you hold space within yourself, you become that aspect of Peace that is itself too reflected into the world. This moon about helping others. Equally, this moon brings with it potential for conflict that arises mostly from misunderstanding, so you want to be ready for this. At the same time too you have opportunity to see another view, forgive (or not) and generally move forward without regret. You continue this part of your journey in the energy of your shamanic animal/s that necessarily include protection, Flexibility and adaptive thinking. Listening, deeply and hearing what is really said. What too is/has been unsaid.

Assignment. Please ponder what you know causes conflict within you. Make small lists of about three at a time. As you know, there is never anything to fix – it’s just to know. This can then be realised and used moving forward as a part of your Wisdom Journey.

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