Hidden Gems – Nothing Matters Unless You make it Matter.

So, we breathe, and you send love to those who are lost, and you recognise those who will remain lost and you make a decision that you do what you do out of the likeness of heart and you share the light that is in your heart. And you share just enough and the rest you let go and it is in this reclaiming of space that you become more able to motivate matter, to take matters into your own hands once again for some of you to change direction for others and for others to consecrate further the direction in not that that you have chosen but also what you were born to do, with many of you there have been question marks within yourself. You have allowed others to create a descriptor of you that has not been accurate. It has not been totally accurate because each perspective brings a different residue of light. And so it is…
In all instances, certainly since the last three months since we spoke to you at Solstice, love has been lost, friendships broken, relationships wired, stalled and you have questioned yourself many times. Take away the questioning, what others believe, others believe and that is there journey and it matters not to you, unless you make it matter. Far better to walk on your own with a community around you that loves and respects you, than to walk in one that you need to change to be able to fit in, because when you do this, you diminish your own light. In the world of spiritual leadership, is a leadership of light, very often you are walking amongst those, you are in relative isolation but the change, the change you are creating is by your frequency. Very often with these, they struggle, they hit out and you hit back at any words or actions chosen for their benefit, sometimes just better to reflect your own harmony within such a situation to allow the law of transference to take its own movements up to you, because they are many an at the moment you are relatively few, you recognise this and you remain in peace, your community is here in this Circle and others because here not just because you have found the light, you are able to be the light without needing to be anything at all and so we then come back that you be yourself.

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