Hidden Gems – Celebrating Love

The energy of Love itself, the meaning of the energy of Love itself has been manipulated. Love has been transported to be a different word and euphemism for need. Love is not just who you are, it is the preferred substance of corporation, of seeing each one’s journey and resonating it with empathy, so as you celebrate others and you assist them to celebrate their own, you also receive the love for yourself and you are willing to do such a thing because it is not from the ego. It comes from your truth. Love is something missing from your world because in your world, the word that is predominate is need.

People come to Spirit, including many of you, they come because they believe they need something they do not already have. If it is one thing that they need from our point of view, is that they need to be true to Self. To listen to themselves,and to have discernment in the intuitive eye in order to see the many different layers because these ones continue to live a life of black and white, for these ones the spiritual journey remains opinionated and it is the opinions that divide because there is only one aspect of Spirit and that is Truth. When people take this Truth, and crenelated their own opinions, it becomes perspective, perspective then starts on a journey of them having to do more in order to be more, in order to have more, in order to be more accepted, and some of the more ambitious would seek to share this themselves. They step out and are adding to the chaos, the quality of maya that each one originally comes to Spirit to release. You understand?

You are all nobodies, which is not a criticism, it is a celebration, because when you are a nobody the humility is the space of non-expectation that Spirit can arise. Spirit already speaking through many of you, but the doubt and fear of rejection creates pain at base level.

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