Hidden Gems – Allow Yourself Free Expression

For many of you, all of you. You give and give and then you give some more, the more you give the more people take, the more you give the more people take because you are givers at heart, the more people believe it is their right to take from you. And then you got yourself a bit in a muddle and you try to set boundaries and these ones don’t like it, not at all. And then you will have conversations where you hold your space and yet by holding your space you place yourself under some sort of physic attack and you feel diminished, which is exactly the same on a micro level that you are seeing played out on the world stage, you become diminished because the emotions arise and you know in your heart, you say goodness gracious, because now you are heading quite fast towards mastery. Within that situation in my heart, I can’t even overcome this, I am overwhelmed and then you judge yourself when you feel not 100% well, and so it is what it is, it is the isness that we are inviting you to face. Throw away all the conditions that you have upon yourself, it is all rubbish, allow yourself free expression to be yourself, allow yourself full expression to share whatever it is, the anger, the light, the grief, the whatever in your heart in the moment and then throw it away… it is finished, and the moment has gone forever. Humans, many of you, we have watched hang onto these moments of serendipity, light or dark and you hang onto them and you mull over them and you think about them and you look at you part upon such a situation and you see, you ask yourself, whether you could have done it better of differently, it was what it was. You did it, it was a snap shot in time. If you are at peace with it, it does not stick to the soul’s energy grid. It becomes nothing because it arose, you took it, you worked with it, you became it and you release it. What sticks in the soul’s memory grid which is projected by the lower mind is that you could have done it this way or that way or whatever way, it could have felt this way or that way, whatever… and then it comes back to you in the physical force field and sometimes it comes back many times through different people because, it’s all about you and not about them.

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