Hidden Gem Series – The Relevance of Duty.

In your world today, we would say you have not descended in violence, violence has always been there, but people now are much more on a soap box, living life out on the public eye, on the facing book, through the Twitter, through the whatever it is young people are using. Everything now played in front of an audience, this is now the difference and the difficulty is that life is a reflection of the internal, there is no question about that but when you are playing to an audience, you are participating in role play, where the relevance becomes lost in all the noise.
So, your question next would be to say, what does that mean for me?
What does that have to do with me? And we would say well you can obviously decide for yourself obviously free will… very important, very extensive, but to case your mind back to when you do things is very key for many of you, do you do it for yourself or do you do it for others?
Now there is no question of right or wrong, the question really is the role you are playing or the role you are seeking to play. Is it a role that sings truly to your heart or is it a role you believe you should be playing in order to achieve whatever is the what, what what objective, you believe you are duty bound to fulfil? Duty is a very relevant word here, because duty takes a lot of the joy out of the moment and whether you choose to do it in duty or not and of course many of us who are here speaking with you today have been human too.
We have a life experience of the duty of humanity where we are with you today, the impulse not the compulse, the impulse is to return the pulse of you who have been duty bound to return to release the belief of honour and respect so that you can return to the joy, because when you are in duty, much of what you do is conditional. I will do this if they will do that. I will do this if you will do that. I will do this if that will be achieved. So, the journey of course is very precise, and we honour you for this.
Many of you have released a lot of the contractual obligations from your previous life in this lifetime, you have stepped into the joy and the motivation of inspiration but when you are in a place of obligation of yourself you create such a disharmony in your external life that is reflected back to you. And this compounds with a sense of duty an underlying anger that creates a fistula within the soul energy and therefore also creates a lean upon your motivating factor which is for many of you to give freely because then you do not give freely, you give of yourself only that which again return, do you understand what we are saying, it is very subtle.

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