The Season of Giving is Fast Approaching. Important to Remember to Receive Too. It’s a Balance.

Well here we are once again looking at the end of another year. Seems like only 5 minutes from this time last year. Energy moving very fast, resetting in so many ways, and lots of changes have happened in Life.

Who are you now, and where are you compared to a year ago?

Are you more settled, more engaged in your power and at peace? Or are you still tying up those loose ends?

Time to let it all go.

Just let it all go.

So many people are in the space of not just doing, in that space of giving so much too.

How much do you give? And is this balanced by your ability to receive?

Just pause a bit, and reflect. Pulling the plug on how much you do includes also that of how much you give.

It’s wonderful to receive, isn’t it? Allowing others to give back to you too is a very great gift. In this space you’re more able to take a breath, have a bit of a rest, so important from time to time so energy – you – can rebalance within. For many, though, you allow it so rarely that it has to be a conscious choice. Then it can become a practice if you wish.

Being open to receive allows others to give back to you too in many different ways too, and adds so many different layers to Life.

Whatever, however the giving, fundamentally you allow people to gift you Love, in the same way that you give it so freely all around..

And when you’re able to receive this love – without condition – you feel more well, more rested, more calm and at peace. There’s more space within and around you.

Because in each split second of Being, that is Presence, really there is nothing more neither to do nor to fight for. And everyone too can each take a piece of this energy – of Unconditional Love – and grow it without any interference (mostly, yours). For themselves, you and each other. And so energy, Life, flows differently.

And in this state of repose, Wisdom arises. We call this Wisdom Love. Strong, gentle, kind and immensely powerful, it flows with a gentle sweet  rhythm quite different to what was going around (and around and around) you previously. Here, you feel held, supported and tremendously safe.

Life then takes on a very different colour and tone indeed. More expanded and therefore more joyful. More safe too in the knowing that you are well loved. I look forward to this for all of you in this year to come.

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