Hidden Gem – Free Will and Choice is the Core of the Journey of the Soul.

It is your strength that calls others to you, it is something that needs to be felt, you hold your own ground but you listen too because that ground is not firm, it changes as circumstance changes, because what you are seeking is the direct experience, not the indirect experience of the conditionality… the should, should, should… You offer wealth of experience, all of you and you offer wealth of insight and this often is blocked, through fear of judgement. All of you have been through loopity loop of the hoop to get where you are now. You do not need to continue such an experience, this is a part of the old energy. The new energy is much lighter. New energy is much more focused on harmony and joy and more people are waking up, so many people waking up and yet these ones waking up all need leadership, the leadership needs to be done unconditional and then you have two choices as you all continue to step forward and say well the way I see this or feel this is, is that you can do this or you can do this. Let me know what you decide and then you get on doing wonderful things like drinking wine or coffee or whatever it Is you like to do while they cogitate.

The choices remain very simple, either you do this, and this will happen, or you do that and that will happen. Or your other choice, as everyone always has two choices in the world of light and dark is you choose to say nothing and watch.Either way is free will, either way you come to the same spot, which everyone remains in their freedom, but the difference is that gap or that space between here and there is that gap remains more joyful for everyone, for whatever anyone chooses is wonderful, even if it is not, it is wonderful because it is made in free-will.

Free will and choice is the core of the journey of the soul.

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