Being in Community at Festivals. Challenges and Joys.

In this conversational quip, Anna shares her wisdom on interacting with family and friends during the festival season.

The most important view is to share and care within Community. It is about the Joy of Giving and also about the Joy of Receiving.

Often, you will find yourself in conflict as tensions arises, things are sometimes left unsaid, if you can take the view that everyone is in their own space and there is no need for anyone to be anything other than what they are being, then everyone can enjoy being together.

Being together is the best part of being human. It’s all about relationships.

Focus too, on making it a great day, sharing together in making moments of joy, fun and laughter, memories of a full life, lived. Together.

Wishing all the very best for a wonderful festive season, where-ever in the world you are!

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