Q&A – How does visualization help us obtain and achieve our goals?

You must be able to see yourself doing it, because that is the view. When you are in your space you have to know what some people feel is around you, some people can’t see, but if you can see yourself doing things, you will know if that energy is conducive or not, or you feel yourself doing it, if you’re not clairvoyant or kinesthetic, they you can feel if you go down this direction, this is what it looks like, this is what it feels like.

Many people take too much of the view and try to see the whole picture. That’s why we say make a goal, break it down and see the first step because when you set the goal you set the marker, then you’re on the highway. If you get in the car and you don’t know where you’re driving, then where are you going to go? How to get from A to B, they are lots of ways, lots of small alleyways and then there is the direct route, you have to set the direction. If you can’t see it, you have to, ask yourself why because seeing it is the view. Then you bring that view into material reality, just one step at a time.

Keep it simple.

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