Q&A. How Do I Let Someone/thing Go With Love When I’m Still Angry?

Good question.

Anger to a certain extent has had a bad press. So the messaging around its fundamental heart is often misunderstood.

Originally created as a motivating force for change, and for people to use to set personal boundaries, it’s now become the bogey-man of Spiritual Union.

When you look at the what-is of anger, essentially it is an emotion that anchors in your body the concept that someone/thing is/has been unjust; too you feel unbalanced, confused and you start to create stories in your head around the topic. So the mind seeks different ways to rebalance the power dynamic, playing the inner video on and on (that at the same time triggers the same emotions, on and on).

The best way is to not try to hard to stay “in love” when you’re angry.

Just stay in the anger.

Partially (sometimes mostly) it’s an anger at yourself, that you allowed certain lines to be crossed, or  you might have tried extra hard, been unappreciated, unseen, unheard, and so on. Or whatever (doesn’t matter really).

You stay in the anger, exploring its pure form, how you feel in it, how it feels to you.

(You have to make the time to do this, though!).

And you use it to cleanse your soul.

Not by looking (again and again) at what someone might/might not “have done to you”.

You look at how you can springboard the experience, so you win the peace.

There is opportunity in everything.

When you are able to move into this space, you experience pure Spirit. Which is simply to realise Lght in darkness. And expand Awareness through this awareness.

“The God in me sees the God in you,” is at your core, as it is with All That Is.

This then is Truth in Love.

And all is well.


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