Hidden Gems – Enlightenment is Just What It Is in the Moment.

Many of you are passionate about life and all of you see life clearly. Your challenge is seeing life clearly is to allow others to see life as it is, this is the basic struggle for you to witness, it is for them to see life as you do and that is impossible because by you stepping in this Circle and doing certain other workings, you see a much higher view, a wider view and a broader view and by desiring or requiring others to see this view and they fight you, it condemns you to a life of solitude and isolation.

This is your reality because at some level it was your soul journey to be in this way, on your path towards enlightenment and the reason many of you find the Channel and experience her as you do is because for her and for us life has to be a balance between relative enlightenment and the pure form absolute enlightenment which is only that you reach when you accept the God within yourself. You cannot be one or the other and many on their path to enlightenment have forgotten or might not have realised is that enlightenment is not perfection.

This is a key word for all of you, enlightenment is just what it is in the moment. You feel the moment, you desire what you need in that moment to fulfil that innocence of sight and you bring it and allow it to yourself or not, because that moment is a series of moments that are strung together in what we would call a series of experiences for you to see in many different dimensions, goodness gracious… you are not just working on one level at a time, and you pull it all together into the concept and the knowing of the I Am. And the I Am, the necessary word is not the label of your name, because your name does not exist any further as that name. The third word to claim, is the word Me.

Hear it?

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