Hidden Gems – Creating Wisdom Communities

You have come through a tremendous journey and many of you do not see yourselves as being hero’s or heroine’s because that is a part of the story. Indeed, it is time to honour you now for the courage in stepping forward. Life remains brittle and life remains extremely short for each lifetime and you have a great deal to achieve in the life an many of you have started to see the beginnings of the absolute journey and whereas in the past you were all stuck on stuff, some of it was yours, most of it was not, it belonged to a world that had become a horror show in terms of the horrible experiences that you have altogether gone around and around in circles and now you are starting to see how disorientated other people are and have always been except in the past you could not see it.

In the past you were fixated and mesmerized in terms of making work a world that for so long has become untenable. Where communities have been created in order for you to know yourself in the light of another, you have found that others have barged in on your energy. They have helped themselves liberally to what it is that you have come to share,
they have given you nothing back and then they have had their discouragement of stepping out and coming back in. This has been hitherto your experience of life. Some of you have been sick to the stomach from it and indeed many of you have been sick. In many different aspects until the time that you decided that as you cannot change the world and we are delighted that you have not been able to change the world, we would not want the world to change, because such a world that has been horrible to you, has caused you to connect deep within your heart and to connect with the Will and to say I have had enough.

I am no longer willing to play ball with the ones who cheat and scratch and who pretend it is I who is tremendously wrong. It is time for me to connect with myself and to state to the universe what it is I prefer to acknowledge, to breathe into this and to grow this.
Is this not true?

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