Hidden Gem. Acceptance of Yourself

You are all at a level of understanding of Spirit, you have to be in order to have heard the call to come in together to weave your energy together in order to turn yourselves outward to the world and say ‘this is what it looks like to be wise’, this is what it feels like to know yourself and this is what it is to accept all of yourself.

At the end of the day it is about all of yourself, the good and the bad, the knowing what to do and the wisdom and sometimes not knowing what to do, so others can step forth in their wisdom and to see the journey of your life as a play and the play is the reflection of the projector you are watching, you are using yourself and you are playing for yourself, the play is about your ability to go out and have fun because many of you have forgotten that life is about Joy, it is about having fun.

One of you said to the Channel recently, “I didn’t realise I could have it all’, goodness gracious, well of course you can have it all, but in order to have it all you must being willing to put your hands in and take the whole cake and eat the whole cake and say to those who
say excuse me, you have the whole cake in your mouth, there is another one in the kitchen that we are going to be bringing out, I’m just testing this for you. You see? Of course, you do.

It is a little bit in the shame or a little bit in the embarrassment being in fear of the self-centredness that has stopped many of you from stepping forward because you have the mixed up of the personality and the ownership of the self. Of course those themselves that
are not confident in themselves, of course they are going to judge you if you are confident and go out and look at people with kind eyes which is what you all do and you see them clearly, of course these ones who have something to hide are going to have a little bit of
wriggle in their seats kind of a situation, of course when you speak your truth and the definition of what you see and you speak in words very precise because you are not waffling to make yourselves sound grown up. Of course, these ones are going to feel agitated
because they know you know, they know that you see through their delusions and their games and they see that it is of no use to them to try to create anymore smoke screen in order to hide the fact that they themselves feel incomplete.

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