A Moment with Anna – Taking Time Out for You

Have you stopped being so hard on yourself? Given yourself a bit more time and space? Worked a little less and smelled a few more roses; perhaps allowed a little more love into your life? Thought about where you stand in other people’s dramas, stopped taking care of them (so much) and considered your own needs and desires in the light of all your relationships – and where you’re headed?
Perhaps, though, the most important question to ask yourself is whether you love yourself (yet or still). What have you done during this past year that has been different to previous in how you have expressed and nurtured yourself?

By answering these questions, you observe at the same time whether you feel guilty or defiant, which in themselves tell you the truth about your love of Self and its relative boundaries. Because if you were really ok with it all, you would be pretty neutral. It just is what it is (they are just who they are) and you are not still ‘trying’, ‘hurt’ nor frustrated. This then becomes your freedom, which is what ‘free will’ and its best friend ‘choice’ are about.

If you can answer honestly yes to most of the above questions, then bravo! You’ve moved on from the old cycle. If you answer mostly no, then this is your chance to sit down and have a quiet conversation with yourself. Your best tool is of course your intuition. This connects you with your own space where lies your Guidance, that individuated aspect of universal source wisdom and potential that lives within us all.

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