Q&A – Sometimes I feel like I have doubt because of the opinions of others, somehow, it’s like the opinion of others comes into play.

Indeed, wonderful that they have their opinions and that is the end of the conversation is it not?

So, your two words practice when people give you an opinion is I See, because you see their perspective.  And when you say I See your perspective, I’m in love with your perspective as I’m in love with you and it shall remain yours.

And that is wonderful and that is your practice.

You can accept it because in human form with every experience of happiness or every uplifting experience, you will always have something there, as much as the ying/yang symbol, holds a piece of the other.

In material life, the light always has to hold a piece of darkness and dark will always hold a piece of light. That is the potential, so when you are able to make friends with your doubt and to know it is there, it becomes just something else within your mind, but it is not the only thing in your mind and you continue moving forward looking, always claiming potential. It is the potential of the light, knowing you always have a piece of the dark, but if you were able to step forward and to realise how defensive you have been in the past and despite how defensive you have been in the past what you have achieved, can you imagine how much more joy knowing that those defence mechanisms are still there, now that the doubt is still there but they do not run your life.


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