Hidden Gem – Loss is the Ultimate Illusion.

You are no nonsense love and do not pander to other peoples’ emotions of what life is, it is just what it is.

You are challenged and some of you will continue to be challenged until you decide not to be bothered about making a fuss or two and you will look at what is and you will say very well, these ones are where I use to be and I will then step back and I will allow them to continue to do it that way until they have had enough and then we can continue to have a conversation in a different way. This is what we call power and when you have the power or the strength to do this, it means you are no longer afraid of loss. Loss is the ultimate illusion because loss does not exist except in a world that lives in a filter with lack Everything is possible, some of you have proved this, and others are in process of proving it.  You are all proving it to yourselves.

When you decide what you wish to experience, and you hold this in your mind, as you all know the second law of the universe, ‘where thought goes, energy follows’ immediately and absolutely, there is only doubt and doubt is an aspect of loss that has caused the energy to have leaked in the first place.

The first law of the universe is to be Present. Very simple.

The two laws require you to continue moving forward and what will be will come to pass because you no longer doubt yourselves because if you are not enjoying it you will walk away from it. That is the ultimate strength because when you walk away from it the ones you have been fighting will come running after you. Goodness gracious, do you not want to play this game anymore, did we upset you? Can we do something different and that is when you turn around and say can we have a conversation on my terms? This is your next expansion. We will be delighted to watch you all grow into it.


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