Hidden Gems – Spirit is not us, Spirit is You.

You may from time to time create a situation that makes you feel a little bit more compressed, but in general your life no longer has the highs of the inspirations and the lows of the tragedy that hithertofore you had been experiencing whilst you were struggling to change the wheel of the cinema projector that you were watching because you decided that enough was enough of living the old karma, of living the old life, you see, that you have been watching for centuries. And some of you decided that you were just going to do it because the inner impulse, which is really your soul, the inner impulse was so strong that it felt so right to do at the time.  We would say to you that when you do it this way it becomes a shortcut, it’s what the movie director call it’s a wrap and you just get on with it and we know some of you once you have done it, get very excited with the situation.

When you feel something is so right and resonant you just did what you knew you had to do, Spirit is in the driving seat. Spirit is not us, Spirit is you. When you are so connected to your own creative being, you are being your own divinity that has called you and caused you to take a superhuman leap, it is not just a leap of faith, goodness gracious, this is for books or novels even because this is the best seller story, it is just a leap because you became for a very long time very tired of the old way of being and some of you are a little bit worried some of you are a little bit hesitant, you breathe this in, you accept the hesitancy,  the tiredness… the what, what, what, and you continue not to follow your fate but in being your knowing because when you are being your knowing, you yourself in terms of the divinity, you are holding that resonance of that projector strong and then you will follow it to the end of that cycle.

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