Hidden Gem – Love is Who you Are.

You have in the world today, many talking heads, talking, talking talking. In fact, in the EU in the last few weeks, they are talking rubbish, are they not?  And the ones that are not agreeing with the others are getting into a fight. We are watching this, very interesting the ways people are discussing their views, because then the ego comes into play and when the ego comes into play you are lost. Then you lose yourself and the light becomes the darkness. This is what many of you do not enjoy, you cannot appreciate this part of the light and the ones that are engaging in such a discourse and it is not just in Europe, it is in the Americas and in the Middle East. Profiteering at somebody else’s loss and the ones engaging in this are getting tired. They are getting tired because whatever they do, they are not getting any form of a desired response, which is that people honestly and truly hear what they are really saying, and the truth is, in your world today, nobody is saying anything new. That is the situation, it is all rubbish. Rubbishy drama that they are engaged in because they do not know how else to spend their time.

Do you understand what we are saying? Does it resonate with you?

All of you are deeper thinkers, all of you see very clearly, all of you realise in such a situation that you cannot say what you know to be true, because the ones that are speaking truth are the ones that are going to be beaten down or cut down by the others, purely because nobody believes in the simple view. The simple view, those who cannot see it, therefore cannot know, is that Love is all that is.

Love is All that is because Love is Who you Are.  

Anything over and above this or we would say beneath this, is beneath you to comment, because the ones who don’t feel it or know it in their own drama are not going to get it after all these years. It is time for you to say very well I understand, I recognise where you are, I have loved you enough. I will continue to love you but now I am going to stop helping you because I love myself.

Do you understand what we are saying?


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