Q&A – When I know I am in my power and I’m shining my light, how do I carry myself in the world when other people are a little dim?

You have a party with yourself. If the others want to come and join you they are welcome, if they do not that is also fine too because you are busy having a good time. If others see you having a good time, they are going to hurry up and join you. Others if they are not ready, they have gone back to give them your hand to help them up to the next step is over, time for them to find their own wings and fly.

If you are busy having a good time and they see you having a party, there is going to be some things that are very evocative for them and makes them desire to come to the place that you are.

It is nothing about doing the right thing or the wrong thing or being optimistic or positive or whatever the high and lighties are teaching, it is just about claiming your moment as yours, all of you have finite moments in this lifetime, it is already being pre-destined between here and then when you return completely home to us out of the physicality to do your reviews with us, some of you are destined to get a spiritual clip on the head, others less so but your moments in this lifetime are already predetermined because life spirit and all that is, is about free will and choice.

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