Q&A – When I am pulled into the drama of others, I have been practicing the 3 steps you previously mentioned… the stepping back, turning your back or walking away and then accepting where they are at, but I still feel conflicted. Why is that?

You did not accept. You wanted to accept but did not, otherwise there would be no internal conflict. This is the point where you are all at.

You are unable to accept where other people are, unable to accept where other people are meant to be for this part of the journey.

For those to wake up, first they have to know absence.

They have to know that whatever they do, they are being supported by you, who are being the observer but there is no condition attached for where you need to believe they need to be at any time in their future, that is unconditional acceptance and that is the piece with many of you because you see so clearly, it is very very difficult for you to release this part of the agenda. It is an agenda.

Very difficult to see the choices and the processes and with some of you, you have had to have been very strong willed to bend the mind of the other when they are sick and they cannot make choices for themselves, there comes a time when they are tipping over into wellness.


You need to step back and let them take back the chains of their own chariots. That is the difficulty with some of you with family as you see that is the ongoing nightmare of a mind that is rigid with other people’s conditions upon them has become now horse play, horse trading and other aspects of trial and error that upsets your own balance when you see that people are playing the same games with themselves as they are not willing to let go. They are not willing to let go of beliefs systems and patterns that now, very deliberately belong in the past.

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