Life Strategy. Concepts & Volcabulary.

Just so that we’re all on the same wavelength as much as possible, here’s a glossary of some of the words I use and a brief description of some of the tools I teach to assist in your own inner explorations and growth. These are designed to cause you to think, please email me if you get any insights you’d like to share!

Balance Connection between and awareness of mind and heart; physical and emotional inner and outer worlds; Movement and repose; thought and reflection, in-breath and out-breath and so on.
Connection with Spirit Our relationship with our inner nature and all that is, that is all of Life itself.
Consciousness Space. Awareness. Expression. Experience.
Choice Ability to decide where to place your energy.
Creative Visualisation To create anything, we must first have a view of what it will be. Then you need to see it’s structure. The beginning of placing energy into form.
Crossing over into Spirit A process commonly called ‘death’. Leaving material form of our physical body, finally and absolutely to find that when we are in spirit, there is only life.
Guidance Our own higher wisdom, which we hear when we are in our own silence or inner space. Preferable to that of other people, although both are relevant parts of our journey.
Inner Space The nature of our inner self. Some call it our ‘soul’ although of course it is much more than that. It is something that everyone yearns to reconnect with during our human journey. We call this “Coming Home to our Truth” or “Returning to Safe Harbour”.
Intuition Our inner voice. Voice of our soul. To hear it, we need to first listen to ourselves. Then, we need to accept it.
Journey of the Soul Our expression and experience of Self.
Karma Experiences coming through for final resolution (or not), on individual, group level and more.
Meditation The practice of connecting with the nature of our inner being. Form differs depending on purpose. Called ‘practice’ because we only ever become good at it when we give it (ourselves) regular attention.
Mysteries That which is unseen, sacred, invisible and therefore needs to be felt, or sensed. The nature of our inner being and all that is.
Nature All that is that is Life, itself.
Personality Outer expression of our inner nature and intimately connected with our relationship with ourselves and all that is and therefore of each other. Experienced at individual, community, cultural and national levels. At the moment, mostly experienced in conflict.
Relationships How we see and feel about ourselves, projected outwards for us to experience ourselves in matter.
Resonance Our interpretation of energy and all that is. The unspoken language of our inner nature.
Responsibility Our ability and willingness to create, meet and greet experiences. Or not.
Selfhood Whatever we believe ourselves to be. Whatever we know ourselves to be. Awareness. Infinite. Eternal.
Soul Energy grid for our essence and all that is to experience matter. Basis of form.
SpiritualContracts Used in the soul’s journey as the basis of experience.
Symbology Concepts both form and formless open to interpretation through energetic resonance and visioning.
Unconditional Love The energy of Creation. Read more here.
Vision Our inner view of all that is.

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