Hidden Gem – Within all of You is the Spirit of Service.

Now feel the Love once again as the journey becomes one of Love. It isn’t so much what you do, it is how you make people feel. It is important how they remember you through what they feel of themselves through you holding space for them.

For those who you see to be major energy blocks for your progression, hold them to mind, send them Love. It is your journey, that they are contributing factors, you are just journeying together or not. That is also very well.

Let them go with Love, they can find their own balance.

You have loved them, you have recognised their value and that is enough.

You see yourself in your own intuitive eye, this is the soul resonance. You see how you see and feel how you look and now have conversation with your higher self about yourself.

Be the energy and hold the light. You see, all your religions and all your civilisation’s talk about the Light. Everyone afraid of the darkness, you have to have both in the material to accept all that is and know that through your practice and connection you always have all the tools to deal with what is. If you make a movement that in hindsight could have been different, goodness gracious, you just change it… quickly, swiftly and decisively.

That is the mark of Spirit. Deliberate, decisive action.

Hold yourself in your own embrace, acknowledge and love the courage, the consistently and the persistence that have caused you to be individuated and together in such a sacred space.

Spirit does not evoke failure, humanity does. Each step of your journey has been an eyeopener to all of you, each one an individuated aspect of a significant whole.

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