Hidden Gem – ‘Why’… is not any part of an aspect of What Is?

Where you are now and for some years you have been in a community of those who are all walking the same path, the Joy is that you are all walking together observing each one’s path and without needing to depend upon the other, everyone recognises each purposeful step. It is one step, many different aspects that are done in flow, in joy, in release, harmony, in all the spiritual and human aspects of All That Is, cause Life for you matters.

The fact that you are alive, all truly alive is what matters to you, you will and some of you will continue to be in raw emotional distress of pain and suffering because you keep asking yourself the question ‘why’, to try to figure out the answer to why is of no material purpose, ‘why’ is not any part of an aspect of what is, that is why we have given to you all the mantra… ‘it is what it is’… dealing with the ‘isness’ as you view it, as you see it, you see it directly and with great light, this is your integrity because as you see it, your view opens up and your Spirit speaks to you what you see, that is the first pulse of the communication, the questioning, the acceptance or the not is the human mind, the ego. Always questioning. Always seeking to know why!

When you release the knowing of the ‘whyness’ and you progress directly into the seeking of the ‘isness’, you remain in your integrity as a Seeker of Truth, your frequency of truth is much higher because your view is much broader and much deeper having devoted yourself to all the work you have done to bring you to such a point, because the mind itself must be bent to the Will of Spirit.

For others, their mind has become their life, their mind is stubborn not flexible, fearful, angry. All of that holds the memories for all of that, many of you have the memories, you see them as transparent, they are not solid as they are with others, and therefore your mind is more flexible.

You can see the transparency of the concepts, the constructs, and because they remain transparent and therefore flexible. You have opportunity to bend the various coordinates, the many different matrices, the different levels of understanding, you bend it according to your own dynamic disposition and where it is you seek to evolve too with an eye to your journey.

It is all a magically journey.

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