Listen To Your Own Heartbeat in Your Relationships.

Here we are already in the northern hemisphere in autumn. In Hong Kong we just celebrated Autumn Moon Festival, a time of family reunion, giving thanks for harvest, eating mooncakes and together watching the moon as a symbol of regeneration, harmony and unity.

It’s been an intense year so far, there’s been a lot of change and energy is still shifting in this new cycle. Many of you have told me you feel this too and as things continue to transition, it’s time to look back at all that’s happened so far this year and, much like leaves falling from trees, release that which no longer serves to make space for the new.

In this light, Spirit calls you now to look specifically at your relationships. These are to and with everything – others, yourself, Life, work, space. Friendships, nature, free time etc. Keep it simple and pick just one theme at a time.

How are you really feeling? What are you really ready to let go of? What no longer really serves you?

What do you really, really want, moving forward?

You have to be truthful here, at least to yourself, in order to make meaningful shifts rather than just go through the motions. As you know, your deeper, most innermost thoughts create your external reality, by being truthful energy starts moving for change to naturally happen for you (rather than “to” you).

Relationships are always about One, dividing into two, in order to know itself. This then returns you to the One again.

Think about this…..

Things seemingly seemingly stuck?

Perhaps it’s time to look at old relationships in new ways? Who was it who said that to do the same old thing in the same old way and expecting a different outcome is the height of insanity? Einstein, I think.

To be willing to be totally and absolutely truthful starting with yourself first strips all notions of defense from you. This leaves you vulnerable. With no illusions seemingly protecting you any and everything can seem scary. Unless you’re willing to be this honest with yourself, you will never find the words to communicate your Inner Heart to your Guidance, that space from whence Creation (yours) arises.

The right words to communicate these will then naturally arise, to grow your dreams, wishes, desires and wants, a part of the vehicle of Love and Light of Who You Really Are. Source.

In this way, whilst your external world may (will) continue to shift and change around you, you remain constant within this by holding your own knowing of where you are heading. Listening to your inner voice is the compass through which you make those adjustments required to respond to whatever Life throws at you. To others around you too.

And through this may you always know Peace.

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