The Nazareine Speaks. Exploring Finer Tenets of Love & Trust. Your Essence Going Deeper into Community.

In this Conversation, held at Equinox September 2018 The Nazareine viewed the past period that has included massive nature movements – fires, hurricanes, landslides, typhoons. All of them major. “All of you have been focused on the journey and have held your space in terms of the cyclone of Life, that has included too other peoples’ emotions, some of which has been dedicated by others for their own amusement,” He said. “You have maintained yourself in respect, in a situation where the energy has been able to continue to flow.”

True that it is that external life is fully reflective of the internal, He used this to teach a wider question of free will, starting with asking how much of your free will is given in the light of duty? “Duty in turn leads to conditions”, He said, that impacts on the precision of the journey. “In turn, this leads to obligation and this disharmony is then reflected back together with the essence of anger.”

Free will and choice is the core of everyone’s journey, particularly in keeping your freedom. He suggested that it’s now time to let others go, return to your own light-bound ways – duty bound, He added in a different context – that is, to enjoy your life! With that gap between your vision and bringing it to materiality now being much smaller, it’s time to start focusing on having fun!

“So your journey now becomes about fun and you have a good time, all the time,” He added.

With the current change in our world now accelerating, you were invited to look not at fear, but at opportunity “in being One of those who hold the light for change.”

“Everyone will be doing this in their own way”, He added. “Right now in this period of even more relative chaos, make a decision more than anything to be the light for others to see in the foggy darkness as they navigate old energy that is receding, to see opportunity for themselves. “Many currently in power on Earth have decided to keep onto power as it was formerly structured. These will undoubtedly unleash the energy of negativity and fear all around in order to hold onto old empires that are crumbling. When these finally fall apart there needs to be a new generation of light-filled leaders.”

You are all where you are today, that is in an integrated spiritual community where each One takes their own responsibility for the I AM energy. “And you are here today because of another,” He said, because no-one can know Self in isolation. “Do not have any self doubt as this is the only way the Darkness can enter you is through self-doubt, “so don’t invite it in,” The Nazareine expressed.

In closing, He noted, “You are all a part of a community of great power. You were invited in and you created this by taking all the opportunity it has offered. Honour this light – it is you, it is your soul. Now it is for you to springboard yourself irrespective of being targeted for being who you are.”


Assignment 1 >> In the statement of free will, do you make your choices for yourself or for others? How much of this is done in duty and of this, how much is “duty-bound”? How then, can you return to joy?

Assignment 2 >> Every morning when you do your morning meditation, you ask yourself the question of how you can have fun that day. How can you enjoy yourself more?


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