A Moment with Anna – Looking from Inside Out

Whatever you’re feeling, whatever is happening, there is only one thing that matters, that there is only Love.

At the beginning and end of every journey, whether it’s the journey of Life, or just the journey of the Sun that we call ‘a day’, you remember – and are remembered – for only one thing. And this is how you make people feel.

We remember our feelings most of all in any situation or memory; and there is never, ever any point in our lives that we don’t have feelings.

To know yourself as Love, there has to be a connection with something, someone; into this connection you are able to openly communicate your feelings. There is no fear of open-ness, and so you proceed together without fear. There is absolute trust – in yourself, rather than in the other – that things evolve as life needs to. It’s a sort of dance, with each one making a move, and responding, or co-responding.

There is no gap between you and the other, because there is no gap between you and yourself. You know yourself, and you love yourself, in this instance Love and Acceptance is the same thing., It’s called Ownership. You know yourself and you accept yourself is to love yourself, in any one moment of your time.

If you are able to enjoy every moment of being human, and other people’s humanity as being the same as yours, then you will have come a very, very long way of living your Journey of the Soul, here, now, looking from inside out. You celebrate your spiritual core, your inner guide, your intuition that connects you to All That Is, your ability to see far and wide (as well as narrow and close); and most of all you know, you just know, that in your inner heart, you have a passionate, inspirational, generous and kind being that is full of ideas, any one of which would be just wonderful to explore, bring to Life.

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