The Nazareine speaks on Living in Lightheartedness.

Recorded Live.

For you who are newcomers to trance channeling, this is highly specialized work when the channel gives over his/her consciousness to be used as a conduit of communication direct from Spirit. Anna is channel to Spirit in the form of the wise and wonderful Being known as The Nazareine.

Through her He gives insights on business, personal and past life situations, always with humour and very much love, assisting us to return to a state of joy, love and great inner peace.

In this talk recorded live, He shares wisdom and knowledge on living in lightedness, the first step is to think well. When we are able to think well, we are able to live well and live lives of wellness. ‘Where thought goes, energy follows immediately and absolutely’, it is as simple as that.

When we have space and place our smartphones away, we able to have conversations with each other, we grow the mind as it sparks off a process of the mind expanding and thinking for itself. When this happens, you are able to enjoy this energetic exchange that is designed to assist everyone to grow and to live your Life fully.

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