Teaching. Become the Journey. Expand your Flower of Life.

We are looking here all of us to bring back into being a more enlightened society. We are seeking here to honour, accept, understand and love individuation but to show others how this can be lived more in the space of “we” rather than “me”.

In traditional texts there was such a space, it was known as Shambhala. Here, people hold true the principles of sacredness, dignity, love and communication all lived in a world that is more refined in terms of relationships than it is now.

Shambhala is in effect no longer a physical place. Now transcended into the energy planes, it does remain though a consciousness. It’s a place though where we all seek to live in terms of the path of loving kindness and concern for others being a reflection and therefore aspect of ourselves.

In the world of duality, you will never, ever get this 150%. But you can hold strong this energy within you now, because you have now Become the Journey.

The next step is to accept that Shambhala already exists within you and is unfolding.

Let your Flower of Life expand within you.


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