Shared Perspectives. Study Group. Pure Spirit in an Essential Journey Without End. August 2018

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are seekers of Truth.

Great to move forward together, expand the intuition, sense, feel, speak, hold space …. whatever is needed as Spirit calls.

Feeling what-is to have already become the Journey (or not). Describe how you’ve changed.

Spiritual exercises to release the doubt.

Looking deeper, further into the Hall of Mirrors (Law of Reflexive State”.

And therefore true choice.

Opening of Shamballic Energy in the light of bringing Spirit into matter.

And more.

Listen here to yourselves share your own wisdom, as a part of your Journey into Greater Life.

Words arising for you, from you.

In preparation for your next steps.


Assignment 1. >> How do you/did you release those nagging doubts that cause energy to recycle within you?

Assignment 2. >> The Nazareine said at Solstice that You have all expanded light bodies, your own star system much greater than it was. It is time for you to enjoy what you have seeded, you have sowed, you have nurtured, you have fertilised. Now some of you are starting to reap. We would rather you reap with Joy and enjoy the party of life rather than to reap to continue the heaviness of where life use to be when resetting your own internal structure. How do you propose to do this, in 3-5 words?

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