Q&A – Why do we get frazzled with those who do not want to play ball?

Others are not playing ball with you, because you have uplifted, because you are seeing things in instant moment, then for you the moment is over, and you are ready to move on having absorbed, breathed in and then integrated the moment. Others are still pressing the replaying button, constantly, consistently and you are watching the same old, same old movie that has hypnotised them and you are no longer willing to be pulled into such a situation and so the question for you all then is, ‘what next?’ that follows the question, ‘what now?’

There are several ways in which you can manage and deal with such instances, one is to step back and another of course is to walk away, the third is to accept where people are and deal with it in that knowing, but also in the knowing that when you are in acceptance of where they are, you are also feeding into their own hypnotic trance, this is where it does not sit well with you because many of you are no longer willing to do such a situation and it causes conflict, it causes conflict at personal level, family level, it causes conflict at professional level.

This is the problem many of you are facing because it is constant conflict because whether it is within yourself or within the other trying to hook you back into the form or a form of relationship dance that you use to have, now you are no longer willing to do so.

So, the journey remains a journey, but it is no longer a journey where you need to try quite so hard because you are seeing that you are starting to get what you need to complete that next step of the journey.

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