Q&A – How do you know when the time is ‘right’ to make decisions?

You just know, because inside we not only speak to you, sometimes we shout but you are all so busy thinking ahead for someone else or thinking of the right action in divine right order, you not listening as you are too busy being careful, it has to be spontaneous. You have to know that you know, and your knowing arises when you sit silent and you listen to yourself, your heart always knows because you are either feeling uplifted or you are not and when you are feeling uplifted, there is a question there for you to consider and the consideration is, what would Love do now?

The first application of Love has to be the substantiation of self-love.

By applying yourselves to your Practice, many of you have stepped onto your path of a similar journey but you do not believe that you know because the seed of doubt is still there, this is what we are inviting you to do. Release the doubt. Remove the doubt because when you take the next step of whatever it is and many of you are stuck in trying to stay spiritual at all time which is to stay loving, to stay kind and compassionate when people have crossed the line not just once but many times nobody can call you where to draw the line and tell your truth. Only you can know this. And only you can know this when you have listened enough to your knowing for that moment in order for you to be able to speak your truth and this is Spirit Coming into Matter.

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